Silver Lining Project

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The mission of The Silver Lining Project is to create and maintain a safe space, both virtual and physical, where Mature African American men living with HIV can share, discuss and advocate for issues impacting our community.  We host meetings to present information, engage in community outreach, and host social events designed to enhance the lives of our members.

A sub-group of THRIVE SS, we share the same mission for our target demographic, Men of Color living with HIV over the age of fifty.  We realize that there are issues with Aging with HIV, specifically for those over fifty, with being Gay, with being Black.

For this reason, our program supports that demographic.

The Silver Skills Curriculum

The Silver Skills Curriculum is a workshop written and designed by black gay men over 50 living with HIV for black men over 50 living with HIV. The workshop is designed to inform, enlighten, and inspire you. Enabling you to conquer internal and external stigma. Our goal is to support you, and keep you whole while listening to your stories. When you complete this curriculum, our hope is that you will want to be more involved in advocating for yourself and your community.  More importantly, we hope that you will THRIVE with no fear, having defeated internal stigma.

The workshops consist of four modules:

  • Module 1: HIV and Aging
  • Module 2: Trauma and PTSD
  • Module 3: Loss
  • Module 4: Stigma

**The sessions have been virtualized as we continue to deal with COVID-19**


Meet the Silver Lining Project Staff

Program Coordinator

Darryl (DC) Branch

15 years living with HIV, one day at a time.

In September, 2004 my life changed.

10 years later, in 2014 I decided I wanted to make a change in my life and the life of men 50 +

First let’s change the face of what a man living with HIV looks like, especially those men 50 plus. So in Sept 2018, I asked men I knew to come to a photo shoot. “Let’s take pictures and fellowship.” What happened after that was phenomenal.

We started Mature Sexy Men chat group and that became The Silver Lining group

I want men 50 plus to understand this battle is not a fight they have to fight alone.

I attended BLOC (Black Leaders of Color) training and it really lit a fire in my Soul.

I want us to support each other and make sure we are reaching out and getting each other into care.

I am the Program Coordinator for the Silver Lining Project and my journey has just begun.

I plan to take my place at the table and be heard.


Program Coordinator

Joe Robinson

My journey with HIV began living 18 years with my diagnosis. At the time I initially spoke with my case manager Maria, she said you don’t need managing as you’ll be leading folks. From that point, I learned about the virus and sharing my knowledge. I’m addition to peer counseling, I’ve served as chairperson on the HIV Planning Council, community advisor member with the NIH Clinical Trials group, in addition to attending the Black Aids Institute. My most important work is/has been mentoring/advocating for brothers who are HIV+ and identifying ways to balance life and the diagnosis.

I’m excited about what lies ahead with my journey at ThriveSS and looking forward to the many endless possibilities of helping my brothers.