THRIVE Ambassadors

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THRIVE Support Services Inc. centers MIPA (Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV). We’re a collective of activists and service providers who all began the work of community power building and advocacy as volunteers. Volunteering our time in effort to end the epidemic and invest in the lives of BSGL Men is core in our philosophy as we build for ourselves the world we deserve. The Ambassador Program encapsulates this entirely with 20 Ambassadors split between seven committees with each serving a specific need of our entity and community.


Culture and Engagement: This committee enforces UA (Undetectables Atlanta) group rules and influences the general disposition of the group. This committee address dissention and leads in moderating UA member meetings. Designated members celebrate milestones such as seroversaries, birthdays, promote activities, surveys and UA/THRIVE SS events. This committee directly engages members with a focus on recently added persons. With a trauma informed approach, committee members address instances in which group rules are violated with an intention to problem solve. And foster cohesion.


Hospitality and Membership: Empathic members of this committee are the points of contacts for persons experiencing loss, trauma, isolation and/or are admitted to the hospital. Members contact and encourage inactive members to participate in network activities. They’re tasked with organizing gifts and visitation and they do subsequent well fair checks on ailing persons. This committee also screens potential new members, approves them and on boards new additions with rules and practices guidelines.


Events Committee: This committee coordinates efforts and assists member event planners for UA to create successful events. They manage the events calendar, channel forms requesting usage of our suites to THRIVE SS Programs Manager and Director of Operations and Finance. This committee reviews both event proposals and reservation requests before they are elevated for approval. They promote major events and lead Events meetings. This committee also influences and prioritize confounding events. The chair involves organizers in the scheduling of upcoming events and collaborates with Programs Manager when finalizing schedules.


Community Affairs Committee: An informed relationship with other organizations and agencies is vital to our efforts. Members of this committee attends community meetings to build partnerships and relay information. This committee also brings our concerns to influential, governing and policy making bodies such as Ryan White Consumer Caucus, Aid Atlanta, Positive Impact, Atlanta City Council and other ASOs/CBOs. Post relevant updates to group threads.


Public Relations and Marketing Committee: With creative vision this committee promotes the services and support elements of both THRIVE SS and UA in effort to include as many SGM living with HIV into the network as possible so that they can then be re-engaged into and remain in care. Members also assist with the promotion of calendar events and use their platforms to help push initiatives. Flyers, videos, photos and emails are all used to expand our reach and inspire the participation of the community.


Building Committee: These members assist with facility upkeep, preparing spaces for scheduled events and maintaining the cleanliness of building suites. This committee also opens and closes the facility if need be as well as contribute to the general security of the property.


Volunteer Committee: Recruitment and management of volunteers are the key aspects of this committee. This committee organizes volunteers for special events requested by THRIVE SS leadership to include, Aids walk, Pride march and Outreach campaigns.