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Darryl “D.C.” Branch

Darryl Branch has been living with HIV since 2004 and has been undetectable for fifteen years. Two years ago, he decided to do a photo shoot for men living with HIV that are fifty years or older. After that he participated in a BLOC training; which is where he initially had the spark. He now wants to make sure that all men living with HIV fifty years and older are in care and are not suffering from or in isolation. Darryl is now Project Coordinator for the Silver Lining Project. He looks forward to Speaking at conferences and moving further in his careers working with THRIVE SS, a nonprofit organization helping men (some fifty plus) LWHIV. His motto is: Treat other as you would like to be treated!

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It is through volunteerism in selfless devotion that we Transform HIV Resentments Into Victories Everlasting one brother, one story, one life at a time. Whatever your interests or skillsets, THRIVE has a place for you to help contribute to the wellness of another. Become a Volunteer.