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Ja’Mel Ashely Ware is a 32-year-old actor, entrepreneur, and activist of trans experience. His life has taken him down an unconventional path of eclectic experiences, fostering a deep understanding of storytelling’s value.  At seven years old, he began traveling the nation, telling his life story, filling people with hope and compassion. Despite being orphaned at 15, Ware’s values continued to resonate through his academic journey at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He relentlessly pursued a degree in Social Work. As he continued to explore the concepts of healing and inclusion, Ja’Mel started brainchild Intellectual Ratchet (IR). Intellectual Ratchet’s vision transforms culture into experiences.

Ware focuses on empowering and healing others through provocative thought and laughter. His calm-rational approach allows him to connect and engage with diverse communities to transform their joy and pain into tangible resources for their communities.

In 2017, the Urban Community Arts Network (UCAN) awarded Ware the ‘Spotlight Award‘ for his community contributions and developments. In 2018, the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce named Ware’ Young Entrepreneur of the Year’. In 2019, Ware was named POZ Magazines POZ 100 advocates in the HIV field. In 2020 THRIVE SS rewarded Ware for his innovative approach in restoring Project Innovate.

Ja’Mel centers himself through his faith in God. Throughout the week, Ja’Mel uplifts his peers through prayer and motivation. Ja’Mel has achieved educational and personal success by following the motto: #LiveLifeIR, Live Life Whole. Be your complete self, and live life fully.

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