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Lorenzo Lewis

With a passion for the improvement of marginalized lives, Lorenzo commits himself to advocacy through support and service. A Jamaica native and former NYC resident, Lorenzo brings his experiences to his service for community in effort to improve the holistic well-being of every person he meets in whatever capacity he’s able to assist in. Volunteering in an outreach aspect for years revealed to Lorenzo the depth of the need in the community of black same gender loving men and women. It was upon realizing the severity of health disparities that inspired Lorenzo to commit himself to tackling them. Using his passion and continuing education in psychology and sociology, Lorenzo aims to heal with words tailored to increase self-acceptance, communal love, forgiveness and all aspects that frees one to live the most fulfilling life they’re able to. Service is not new to Lorenzo, while serving as a Marine Corps Sergeant, he came to understand that his purpose is to help people and have since internalized it as a source of motivation that themes his every day.

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It is through volunteerism in selfless devotion that we Transform HIV Resentments Into Victories Everlasting one brother, one story, one life at a time. Whatever your interests or skillsets, THRIVE has a place for you to help contribute to the wellness of another. Become a Volunteer.