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Malcolm Reid

Malcolm Reid is the founder and Program Manager of the Silver Lining Project​, and co-author of the Silver Skills Curriculum. He is the co-founder and co-director of PASAN, the ​Political and Social Action Network​. He represents THRIVE SS on the USPLHIV Caucus Steering Committee, where he is co-chair of the Federal Policy sub-committee. He also represents County district 2 on the Fulton County HIV/AIDS Care Prevention and Policy Advisory Committee. In this role he also represents THRIVE Support Services on the SAGE’s HIV and Aging Policy Action Committee.

Become A Volunteer

It is through volunteerism in selfless devotion that we Transform HIV Resentments Into Victories Everlasting one brother, one story, one life at a time. Whatever your interests or skillsets, THRIVE has a place for you to help contribute to the wellness of another. Become a Volunteer.