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My name is Treylin, but many do not know that I was born Terrance.  However, due to life experiences and other preferences, Treylin became my chosen identified name.  So, it’s nice to meet you.
I am a small town southern gentleman from Chattanooga TN.  I left home at age 18 to attend college at Austin Peay State University, where I received a bachelor’s degree in Social Work.  During my time there, I was able to secure a job as a youth counselor at an adolescent boys shelter for juvenile offenders, helping them develop appropriate life skills and coping strategies with dealing with traumatic episodes, including being newly diagnosed with HIV.  I worked there for the duration of my undergraduate career.
Afterwhich, I left and moved to GA where I was enrolled in the MSW program at Clark Atlanta University.  I continued my work by volunteering to feed the hungry and house the homeless. In addition, I continued to work with adolescents in the mental health inpatient setting.  Furthermore, I began working with the State of GA to provide certification training for persons interested in becoming foster/adoptive parents, where I learned and developed excellent training skills.
HIV care and concern field work became a passion of mine once I was able to accept my status and begin to actively and intentionally choose to live.  Once connected with the social media support network through THRIVE, I felt empowered, accepted and encouraged to take an active role in my healthcare.  As a result, I have gained so much knowledge about the virus, developed a greater love for self and a comfort with my health status.  Now, as the Linkage Program Manager at Thrive, I am committed to serving through experience, love and unconditional positive regard.
It is with great pleasure, thrill and excitement, that I have joined the team to continue to do the work for US.

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It is through volunteerism in selfless devotion that we Transform HIV Resentments Into Victories Everlasting one brother, one story, one life at a time. Whatever your interests or skillsets, THRIVE has a place for you to help contribute to the wellness of another. Become a Volunteer.