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Undetectables Model + Curriculum

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Starting with the principal that our friendships and support networks are essential to our wellness and well-being, THRIVE established “Undetectables Atlanta” – or UA – in what year? Today reaching more than 2,500 Black SGL, UA is a comprised of 13 subgroups, each organized around community network affinities. See the UA Curriculum to learn more about how to adapt the UA model into your community.
The Undetectables networks are private online safe spaces for people living with HIV (PLHIV), supplemented with 24-hour online support, resources, encouragement, etc. These groups also allow THRIVE staff to disseminate and share useful information, collect data and feedback and gage the concerns, trends and feelings within community. These networks enable staff to better assess the mix of services and resources members need most to remain engaged in their care, adhere to their treatment regiments, and reach and maintain viral suppression.

Undetectables (Your City Here) Curriculum
THRIVE’s 3PA team will work with you and your organization to customize a curriculum from one or any combination of the UA subgroup approaches, best practices, and implementation strategies. (It is advisable to get a thorough grounding in the THRIVE model via one or both of the 3PA THRIVE orientation modules prior to taking the UA training.)

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UA Youth
Providing a safe space for Black SGL men under 30 living with HIV
to commune through shared experiences and emotions.

Silver Lining Project
Providing a safe space for Black SGL men 50+ living with HIV
to celebrate each other’s accumulated knowledge, wisdom, and wishes for the future.

UA Survivors – long-term THRIVERS
Black SGL men share the unique experiences and insights that only a long-term THRIVER knows.

UA Headspace
Respecting our mental health needs through peer-led conversation, connection, and community.

PASAN: The Policy and Social Action Network
Leveraging our voices into victories at the ballot box and legislative chambers in DC and across the country.

UA Veterans
Celebrating the Service of Black SGL veterans with tailored peer services with post-service supports and resources.

Pozitive Bruthus Network
A national Network for Blk SGL men living with HIV centered around conversation, awareness and resource sharing

UA Health+Fitness
Fitting Fitness into our lives as we pursue our best, healthiest minds and bodies.

UA Road Tripping
A subnetwork of UA for members who enjoy planning and taking trips together.

THRIVE Toastmasters
The power of our lived experiences conveyed through the spoken word and powerful presentations.

UA Singles
Designed to help us meet and mingle away from our screens.

UA Recovery
Connecting Black poz SGL men with substance use experience through peer guided, transformative dialogue, witnessing, and sharing.

THRIVE Glee Club
A vocal ensemble of THRIVE members