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Linkage to Care

With an empathetic and experienced approach, our services are inclusive and confidential. We can connect you to care and support with a client centered focus. We provide access to HIV related resources and networks so that we may all THRIVE together. Our (RE) ENGAGE, RETAIN, REDUCE (R3) Program will continue to work with men of color who identify as gay, bisexual, SGL, and other men who have sex with men towards improving linkage and retention in medical care towards HIV viral suppression. We do this in three steps.

Step one, we (RE)ENGAGE newly diagnosed or previously diagnosed to a culturally connected, client centered medical providers. THRIVE SS has worked with close to 30 HIV medical providers, since inception, to determine the best fit based on the member’s life and social determinants of health. While we provide linkage to medical providers, we do not provide medical advice, we do not recommend medical treatments, nor do we offer any form of medical case management.

Step two, RETAIN. We assist in establishing the appointment, making sure members attend and are prepared to engage their care provider. We work to increase the health literacy of our men and assure comprehension of clinical information during the medical appointment and that additional questions are asked and answered.

Step three, REDUCE. By adding men living with HIV to THRIVE SS’ Undetectable Atlanta (UA) online peer-support network. The UA network of Black SGL men living with HIV in the Atlanta area is proven per the “engagement survey” to increase the likelihood of Black SGL men attaining viral suppression, while building self-efficacy around HIV, community mobilization and decreasing the isolation attached to living with HIV. Once added the new members benefit from the new community of people living with HIV where additional questions and conversations around disclosure, staying in care and living longer with HIV take place.

Support Service List:
Linkage to HIV Medical Care
PrEP/PEP Services
Mental Health Services
Housing Opportunities
Referral for STI Panel
Referral for HIV testing
Food Pantry
Clothing services ( Thriftin’ at THRIVE)
Transportation Assistance
Insurance Enrollment Assistance
Emergency Financial Assistance