THRIVE SS offers an array of support means to meet the intersectional needs of our client network. THRIVE SS innovated the Undetectables Model. A tiered system that offers In-person, virtual, and peer-to-peer support for people living with HIV and at risk of contraction. The Undetectables networks are private online safe spaces for people living with HIV (PLHIV) to provide 24-hour online support, resources, encouragement, etc. These groups, keeping with the THRIVE’s 3C approach, are great places for THRIVE to disseminate useful information, collect data and feedback, and gauge the concerns, trends, and feelings within the community. Once we have added the PLHIV to our networks, right away, we begin to assess what services or resources they are needing to assure they are adherent to their medical care and regimen. Similar to the lives of PLHIV, THRIVE’s support doesn’t end with HIV. Our Undetectables Atlanta (UA) has many subgroups that appeal to the varied interests and intersections of members. These groups are as follows:
1. Silver Lining Project
2. UA Youth
3. UA Glee Club
4. UA Health and Fitness
5. Tipping with UA
6. UA Headspace
7. UA Recovery
8. UA Singles
9. UA Carib & LatinX
10. UA Survivors (Team has raised approx. 1k in shirt sales for AIDS Walk)
12. THRIVE Toastmasters

In 2019, THRIVE began to incubate and support a Black women’s HIV support organization “LOTUS.” They provide 24 hour support, linkage and self-love and HIV acceptance programming for Black women living with HIV in the Georgia area.