Peer-Powered Practical Assistance

A new paradigm in HIV training and education

About 3PA

THRIVE is revolutionizing how we think about meeting Black SGL men where they live. Our peer-designed services have helped thousands of men live fully into their health. As members of the THRIVE network of peers and providers, these men have taken charge of their health – and the health services they want and need.

The result? More than 90% of THRIVE’s members have achieved viral suppression. They are liberated from worry about transmitting HIV to their sex partners. And they’re learning to live with HIV – and to live with love, surrounded by peers who love them just as much.

Why 3PA?

Organizations and individuals working with this community have long had access to established training and education programming and technical assistance as offered by the CDC, HRSA, AETCs and others. What’s been missing from these more traditional formats, approaches, and curriculum is us.

We, as Black SGL men living with HIV, are our best resource, our most fervent advocate, and we know what works in our own lives. As peers, we know what we need, we know what works in keeping us engaged in care, and we see each other more clearly than anyone else can.

That’s why THRIVE is proud to welcome you to a new paradigm in HIV training and education: Peer-Powered Practical Assistance – or 3PA.

3PA – the very embodiment of Meaningful Involvement of People living with HIV/AIDS (MIPA) – is designed to build community resilience with tools, lessons, and approaches developed and delivered by us – for us.

We encourage you to tour our services, curriculum, and resources to discover how we can help bring the THRIVE model of success to your organization and your community. Reach out. Take our survey. Let us know how we can partner with you to help you THRIVE!

3PA Curriculm


THRIVE’s 3PA curriculum is designed to help CBOs, ASOs, FBOs, and providers and communities translate their ambitions into results. We invite you to take a tour of our site to learn more about our approach. To help you decide where to start, feel free to take the 3PA survey and get in touch with our team once you’re ready to help your community THRIVE.

R3 Model

THRIVE’s R3 model – indigenously designed and delivered – is a community-driven response to the overwhelming number of Black SLG men living with HIV who are routinely lost to care. In developing the peer-led model, we improved on CDC EBI best practices by centering our distinct needs, desires, lessons, insights, and lived experiences as Black Same Gender Loving men living with HIV.

Undetectables Model

Starting with the principal that our friendships and support networks are essential to our wellness and well-being, THRIVE established it's “Private Network”. Today reaching more than 2,500 Black SGL, the network is comprised of 13 subgroups, each organized around community network affinities. See the Undetectables Curriculum to learn more about how to adapt the undetectables model into your community.

Meet the Team

Larry Walker
Co-Founder &
Executive Director

Malcolm Reid
Director of

Michael Morris
Operations Coordinator