Latest Past Events

THRIVE Toastmasters Club Meeting

THRIVE SS Headquarters 2038 Stanton Rd, Atlanta

Toastmasters meetings are structured gatherings designed to help individuals improve their public speaking, communication, and leadership skills. At a typical Toastmasters meeting, attendees engage in a variety of activities and exercises, all aimed at honing their speaking abilities and building confidence in front of an audience. Meetings often start with prepared speeches from members, who […]


THRIVE SS Headquarters 2038 Stanton Rd, Atlanta

WeVolve is a support group specifically created to empower individuals in the Atlanta area. WeVolve is a safe space for individuals who identify as Black, gay, bisexual, pansexual, queer, or questioning to come together, share their experiences, and offer each other support. The group focuses on personal growth and development, as well as building a […]

Living Quilt Event

THRIVE SS Headquarters 2038 Stanton Rd, Atlanta

The AIDS Memorial Quilt helps us remember the unique lives and stories of those we’ve lost to HIV/AIDS. Drivers of change use the Quilt as a powerful tool to bring generations together and raise awareness about the impact of the ongoing epidemic. Through a grant received from Change the Pattern, THRIVE SS, will actively engage communities through Quilt […]