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THRIVE SS offers an array of support means to meet the intersectional needs of our client network.

Linkage to Care

Our experienced approach to services is inclusive and confidential. We can connect you to care and support with a client centered focus. We provide access to HIV related resources and networks so that we may all THRIVE together. Our (RE) ENGAGE, RETAIN, REDUCE (R3) Program will continue to work with men of color who identify as gay, bisexual, SGL, and other men who have sex with men towards improving linkage and retention in medical care towards HIV viral suppression.

Condom Distribution & Outreach

THRIVE SS, in partnership with The Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness, provides free condoms and lubricants to Atlanta's at-risk population.

Technical Assistance (Culture of Coaching)

To learn how to best serve the needs of people of color living with HIV or the Meaningful Involvement of People with HIV (MIPA), our staff can provide training. THRIVE offers courses in Cultural Competency as well as HIV status sensitivity training. These seminars are designed to enhance service providers' communication skills which will allow them the ability to connect and serve vulnerable populations.

Healthy Living Engagements

THRIVE SS regularly hosts numerous events, from small to mid-sized groups, all focused around THRIVING with HIV. These celebrations are very important for community mobilization, as it allows THRIVE an opportunity to give back to the people we serve. We have found these engagements galvanized support for the long run.

Self-Love & HIV Acceptance

We believe that the language we use is paramount to the ways in which HIV-related stigma is perpetuated but more importantly in the way that it is reduced. Instead of the term “anti-stigma”, which reinforces the ideologies we wish to dismantle, we use the term “Self-Love and Acceptance”. This campaign liberates participants from internalized stigma and flips the narrative that a positive status is something to hide under a blanket of shame.

Innovative Interventions

Our agency staff are trainer of trainers and/or trainer of facilitators for many of the interventions targeted for Black Men who have Sex with Men (BMSM) and people living with HIV. Interventions include empowerment, Many Men, Many Voices, Defend Yourself (d-up!), VOICES/VOCES, Healthy Relationships, and Personalized Cognitive Counseling. THRIVE staff applies an advised approach to the unique challenges that face BMSMs daily in care and society.

Referral Services (Medical/Non-Medical)

THRIVE SS facilitates linkage to culturally competent medical and non-medical service providers for people who are living with HIV/AIDS in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

Support Services

THRIVE SS offers an array of support means to meet the intersectional needs of our client network. THRIVE SS innovated the Undetectables Model. A tiered system that offers In-person, virtual, and peer-to-peer support for people living with HIV and at risk of contraction. The Undetectables networks are private online safe spaces for people living with HIV (PLHIV) to provide 24-hour online support, resources, encouragement, etc.