Silver Lining Project

Let Us Lend a Helping Hand

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Our Mission

The mission of The Silver Lining Project is to create and maintain a safe space, both virtual and physical, where Mature African American men living with HIV can share, discuss and advocate for issues impacting our community. We host meetings to present information, engage in community outreach, and host social events designed to enhance the lives of our members.

A sub-group of THRIVE SS, we share the same mission for our target demographic, Men of Color living with HIV over the age of fifty. We realize that there are issues with Aging with HIV, specifically for those over fifty, with being Gay, with being Black.

The Silver Skills Curriculum

The Silver Skills Curriculum is a workshop written and designed by black gay men over 50 living with HIV for black men over 50 living with HIV. The workshop is designed to inform, enlighten, and inspire you. Enabling you to conquer internal and external stigma. Our goal is to support you, and keep you whole while listening to your stories. When you complete this curriculum, our hope is that you will want to be more involved in advocating for yourself and your community. More importantly, we hope that you will THRIVE with no fear, having defeated internal stigma.

Module 1

HIV and Aging

Module 2

Trauma and PTSD

Module 3


Module 4


Project Staff

Darryl DC Branch

Program Coordinator

Joe Robinson

Program Coordinator