THRIVE Support Services Continues to Remove HIV Shame from Black Same-Gender-Loving Men Living with HIV iTHRIVE – The definition of meaningful involvement of Black same-gender-loving men living with  HIV to dispel HIV shame this National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

February 7, 2019 – THRIVE Support Services adds six new photos to iTHRIVE HIV Self-Love Campaign to join more than 115 photos. iTHRIVE was started December 2015 to dispel feelings of shame and isolation connected to living with HIV as Black same-gender-loving men living with HIV. Continuing with the theme of “Duality” these additions to the campaign “speaks to our perseverance as people living with HIV focusing on health and our dreams and goals…” according to Jon Gabriel Ortiz – iTHRIVE Graphic Designer.

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) theme of Together for Love: Stop HIV Stigma motivates each of us to create additional efforts towards removing HIV stigma and shame. THRIVE Support Services uses NBHAAD as one of the ongoing moments to remind Black SGL men THRIVING with HIV, you are not alone. Xavier, 28, believes his participation in iTHRIVE is his way of not being “defeated while living with HIV.”

THRIVE Support Services reminds, all to take a moment today and spread a message of hope, love, and encouragement to get tested, start treatment or get involved.

THRIVE Support Services is a 501c3 non-profit agency that provides support and linkage to culturally affirming and compassionate care services for Black same-gender-loving men living with HIV.


If you would like more information about THRIVE SS or iTHRIVE Project, please  email [email protected] or call (404) 267-1519.

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If you are interested in participating or creating an iTHRIVE Campaign – email us.